Very few people and organizations can exist without accumulating and managing some level of debt.

From simple loans to complex financing operations, debt can help generate growth or create financial challenges that are difficult to overcome. Rest assured that you are not alone if you currently find yourself under the pressures of debt due to today’s economic environment or your own financial decisions. Your best alternatives are to either negotiate a settlement with your creditors or seek relief from your debt. Sometimes we can negotiate resolution of the debts directly. Often we need to explore the possibility of filing bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy is a method of dealing with debts under the protection of the Courts. If it is feasible, you can restructure your debts through a plan of reorganization under either Chapter 13 or Chapter 11. If restructuring is not possible you can attempt to discharge your debts through a Chapter 7.

Our firm can assist you in determining which path is feasible or in your best interests.

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